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Paul J. Kim Added to One Voice Media's Roster

Being a ministry minded business that strives to build long-term relationships between faith-based art and media, and seekers of faith worldwide, One Voice Media is always seeking ways to develop this mission-- whether it's teaming up with an organization to develop videos and multimedia projects, or teaming up with a speaker/musician to reach an even greater audience.

Currently, One Voice Media provides booking services to a number of Catholic/Christian speakers and musicians such as: Jackie Francois, Sarah Hart, Full Armor Band, and Noelle Garcia. Each of these artists hold specific talents that glorifies God and brings something different to the table, especially in the ministry world. To further the ministry, One Voice Media is always looking for ways to enhance their diversity in artists. One Voice Media is excited to announce a new speaker who will be added to the roster: Paul J. Kim.

Paul J. Kim has earned a growing international reputation as a dynamic speaker and musician with a powerful message of faith, hope, and love. The way he presents is a rare gift to witness and has impacted people of all ages throughout the country and abroad over the past decade. Moving his audiences from laughter in one moment, to deep reflection and prayer in another; Paul utilizes his many talents to communicate the Gospel to young people in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and altogether inspiring.

Aside from his speaking ability, Paul’s musical talent stands on its own. What sets his music and live performances apart are his vocal abilities: beatboxing (vocal drumming), harmonies, and lyrics. He gives new meaning to the term: “one-man-band”. Using a loop machine on stage that allows him to produce live multi-track vocal instrumentals, he performs original songs and covers; effortlessly moving from one genre to another (acoustic, hip-hop, spoken word). Though his music has mainstream appeal, his lyrics convey a deep message of faith that has captivated audiences of all ages. Paul has released two music albums entitled “The World Sings” & “Run Fly Fall” (available now on iTunes & Amazon), and the videos he has been featured in on YouTube have accumulated over ONE MILLION views. (

To learn more about Paul J. Kim, feel free to view his page by clicking here. If you are interested in booking Paul J. Kim for a future event, please contact us!

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