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John Angotti added to OVM Roster!

We are pleased to announce another addition to our already amazing roster of artists...John Angotti! We are thrilled to have this wonderfully talented musician and speaker on our list of artists to help spread the Gospel and expand the Kingdom! His full bio is listed below, but feel free to check out his page on our site to view photos and videos.

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More about John:

John Angotti was raised in Clarksburg, West Virginia, a small community nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Third, in a family of 4 adopted children, (an older brother and two sisters) John's first ability to speak without stuttering was at the age of 4 with the hymn "The Church is One Foundation". How appropriate for the mission God has planned for him thus far.

An accomplished pianist, John began studying piano at the age of seven. His mother, who has been a church musician for over 50 years, motivated him to become involved with the children’s choir at a very early age. "I believe it was there where I truly began to form my beliefs about God through the songs we were singing," Angotti says.

John has been writing Christian music since his teen years at St. Joseph Seminary, where Angotti was considering priesthood. "After I left the seminary it never dawned on me that God perhaps wanted me to do something else for the church, perhaps more suited for the gifts God gave me,” he says jokingly. It was in the music director positions where Angotti found himself composing songs for worship and meditation. He wanted the congregation to participate in song and prayer during worship services on Sunday.

It was his wife, Tracy, who suggested he record his songs. People were asking for his music to listen to for inspiration in their cars and homes.

"...I feel that no matter what I want to do with my life on a personal side, I've come to see that my vocation, not my occupation in life, is to help the people of this world come to know God, both on a personal and communal level..."

John's collection of experiences as Director of Children's, Young Adults, Adults and Contemporary Music Choirs, as well as his experiences in the secular world, have prepared him for his full time music ministry; a ministry which sends him around the world as a speaker and presenter for conferences and events. He is a graduate of West Virginia University with a Degree in Marketing; a graduate of the Naval School of Music, where he majored in Voice and minored in piano; and a graduate of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he holds a Masters Degree in Pastoral Studies.

John spreads the Gospel message through word and song, taking a special interest in reaching today's youth and stressing the importance of finding God in the everyday lived experiences.

“...the awakening of God in every waking, breathing moment leads to better choice making and understanding worship is a response to this awakening…”

His witness and music has inspired and changed the lives of thousand’s. He has performed at the National Catholic Youth Conference, National Conference for Youth Ministers, National Pastoral Musicians Conference, Los Angeles Religious Education Conference, The East Coast Religious Education Conference, The NCCA Conference, The Hofinger Religious Education Conference in New Orleans, as well as many church's around the United States and abroad.

John Angotti Music Mission (JAMM) debuted John’s new, original musical Job: The Now Testament in Memphis Tennessee in the summer of 2013. Job: The Now Testament is intended for a truly ecumenical audience of all ages as it addresses the question of: Why do bad things happen to good people? Music lover’s young and old rocked to the contemporary musical score and were moved by the compelling story of Job. This musical has a relevant message in today’s world as it looks for answers in the most difficult circumstances of life.

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